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5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Home Siding: Aesthetics, Maintenance, And More

June 2nd, 2022 | 8 min. read

5 Benefits Of Replacing Your Home Siding: Aesthetics, Maintenance, And More

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As a homeowner, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of your home. If you want to renovate something or construct a new addition, you have to find a way. If something needs fixing, it’s up to you to find a solution. 

Most homeowners decide to replace their siding under three scenarios: 

  1. Their siding is damaged and needs repair
  2. Their siding is old and falling apart
  3. They want a new look for their home

Now, depending on which of these three categories you fall into, you have certain goals for your project. Maybe you want something sturdy and durable that won’t require a lot of maintenance. Or maybe you want a more elaborate siding that allows you to showcase your true inner designer.

No matter why you are replacing your siding, one question lingers in all our minds….       "How will this benefit me and my home?"

While, yes, upgrading your siding under any circumstance is a benefit in itself, you want to understand what all you will get from your siding replacement. 

Southwest Exteriors has been an exterior remodeling company in San Antonio since 1989. We exclusively offer and install James Hardie siding because of its many benefits, like its material, lack of maintenance, and longevity.  

Although we recommend Hardie siding for any homeowner that wants a lifelong solution, it’s not the only siding that will provide you with many benefits. 

Whether you replace your siding with fiber cement, vinyl, wood, or brick, you will still get similar benefits for your home. 

This article will outline five benefits of replacing your home siding, like improving the aesthetics, increasing the resale value of your home, and more. 

After reading, you will understand how a siding replacement will benefit you and your home and know the value of a siding replacement. 

What are the five benefits of replacing my home siding?

A siding replacement is one of the largest investments you can make on your home. Because of this, you, of course, want to know that it is going to be worth it for you and provide you with some value. 

Replacing your home siding has many benefits, no matter what your goals are. Some of the top benefits of replacing your siding with a high-quality siding are: 

  1. Improved aesthetics of your home
  2. Better protection against critters 
  3. Protection against rotting and water infiltration
  4. You won’t have to worry about maintenance in the future
  5. Added resale value to your home

Let’s dive deeper into each of these benefits so you can better understand how they add to your home. 


1. Replacing your siding improves the aesthetics and look of your home

One of the first major benefits of replacing your siding is overall elevating the look of your home. 

Whether your main goal to replace your siding is for a new look, or you’re only replacing the siding to fix a problem, new siding will still upgrade your home and give it a fresh look.  

Like with any product, there are so many options for different siding types, styles, and customizations. Colonial, modern, or simple…whatever siding style you are looking for, it’s out there. 

So, one of the biggest benefits of replacing your siding is giving your home an upgraded look. This, in turn, will also benefit you by giving your home some added curb appeal and increasing the resale value of your home (which we’ll get into later in this article).


2. Replacing your siding will protect your home from critter infestation

One major problem homeowners have with their siding is critter infestation. Raccoons, opossums, woodpeckers, and honey bees are just a few common critters that can take a pea-sized hole in your siding and use it as their front door to their new home. 

The second major benefit of replacing your siding is protecting your home from future infestation by any critters. This benefit is especially prevalent if you already have some damaged siding or have noticed some furry friends nesting in your walls. 

Maybe you don’t have damage to your siding, but you know your siding is nearing its expiration date. 

Replacing your old siding with new siding will create a better seal around your home and protect it from any further invaders.  


3. Replacing your siding will protect your home from water infiltration and rot

Critter infestation is one of the most common threats to damaged siding. The second? Water infiltration. 

Water infiltration is a huge threat to your siding and the frame of your home, especially if you have damaged siding, old siding, or siding that was not installed properly. 

Your windows, siding, and doors are like the envelope to your home. They can open it up and also close it and seal it tight. 

Because the siding makes up the majority of your home’s exterior, it’s crucial it creates a tight seal to protect your home from weather elements and, most importantly, water infiltration. 

If water seeps past your siding and into the frame of your home, it can settle in the substrate and wood frame of your home. The longer it sits there and the more water that gets past your siding, the higher your risk for rotting. 

Replacing your siding will allow you to recreate a tight seal around your home and protect it from any water infiltration and rotting. 

But, it’s important to have your siding installed by a professional contractor that will ensure your siding is installed properly and will protect your home


4. Replacing your siding can lower your maintenance efforts and costs

The fourth benefit of replacing your siding is that it can minimize maintenance costs in the future.  

Similar to any other product, the older your siding is, the more care is required. You have to constantly inspect and upkeep it to ensure it's still protecting your home as it should. 

Maintenance over the years can be costly. Just like we monitor our health and take preventative measures to ensure our health, you do the same for your home. Over time, the time, effort, and money you put into this add up. 

When you replace your siding with a high-quality, low-maintenance siding option, you eliminate the need for spending on maintenance in the future. 

So, if you will be in your home for a long time, it will save you money in the long run to invest in a low-maintenance, durable siding type that you won’t have to worry about ever again. 


5. Replacing your siding increases the resale value of your home

The fifth and final top benefit of replacing your home siding is that it increases the resale value of your home. 

All of the benefits we’ve outlined above accumulate to increase the value of your home. Not only does new siding give your home some extra curb appeal, but it makes your home more desirable for the next owner when they know the siding is low-maintenance and built to last. 

Think about it. If you were in the market for a new home and had it narrowed down to two favorites, one with old siding that would need replacing soon and the other with newly replaced siding, which would you choose? 

To further clarify, it is most likely not worth it for you to replace your siding right before you put it on the market if you plan to do so. You want to replace your siding with plenty of time for you to enjoy it and reap all the benefits. 

But, if you have older siding and know sometime in the future you will want to sell your home, you can replace your siding to improve and protect your home, enjoy the benefits for the rest of your years there, and increase the resale value when you put it on the market.  


The Benefits of Replacing Your Home Siding: Is it worth it for you? 

Now that you know the five major benefits of replacing your home siding, you can better understand the value a siding replacement will bring to your home. 

Remember, replacing your siding will: 

  1. Upgrade the aesthetics of your home
  2. Protect your home from critter infestation
  3. Protect your home from weather and water infiltration
  4. Lower maintenance efforts and costs
  5. And increase the resale value of your home!

Replacing your siding will overall give your home a better seal and protection against outside elements. I mean, that’s all you could ask for, right? 

Because a siding replacement is such a large investment, you need to know it will be worth it for you. A part of finding the right products, contractor, and budget for you is outlining your goals and knowing what is most important to you for your project. 

You may be wondering, how do I do that? How do I get started on my siding project? 

This article will outline seven steps to follow to start your home remodeling project off on the right foot. You’ll learn how to outline your goals and budget and find the right products and services for you. 


Are you ready to replace your siding with high-quality, long-lasting siding? 

At Southwest Exteriors, our installation teams are professionally trained to install James Hardie siding under their best practices. We know the difference it makes when your siding is not only installed correctly but meets the highest standards as well. 

We want you to understand that in order to receive each of these benefits of a siding replacement, your siding must be installed properly by a high-quality contractor. 

So, if you’re ready to replace your siding, be sure to research a company before meeting with them and prepare questions to ask. Then you’ll know if they are a quality contractor that will meet your needs for your project. 

Are you looking for a high-quality contractor to install your siding? Schedule your free, in-home consultation with a Southwest Exteriors design consultant today, and get the look you love coming home to!