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Energy-Efficient Windows in San Antonio Homes Improve Property Credit

November 14th, 2013 | 2 min. read

Energy-Efficient Windows in San Antonio Homes Improve Property Credit

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Energy-efficient windows in San Antonio homes do not only decrease electricity consumption, they also help homeowners qualify for a tax credit on their federal income tax return. The Times of Northwest Indiana writes:

You may claim a credit of 10 percent of the cost of certain energy saving “property” that you added to your main home. This includes the cost of qualified insulation, windows, doors and roofs.

Since the tax credit was introduced in 2006, more and more homeowners across the US have made energy-efficient home improvements. NWI further reports:

According to the latest data released by the IRS, more than $26 billion of qualified improvements were made in 2010 in connection with the Non-Business Energy Property Credit. These expenditures resulted in more than $5.4 billion in tax credits for just fewer than 7 million homeowners. The most popular investments were energy efficient windows followed by energy efficient natural gas, propane and oil powered water heaters and furnaces.

While the 10% tax credit may seem diminutive for the total cost of retrofitting a home with energy-efficient windows, the upgrade is largely beneficial for homeowners in the long run. It will help homeowners save thousands of dollars, considering that the cost of heating and cooling is continually rising.

Energy-efficient windows are especially designed to provide more insulation and lighting for the home's interior, which in turn minimizes the expenditures for heating, cooling, and lighting needs. Often, they are double-paned with low-emissivity glazing and bear the ENERGY STAR label, which proves that they have passed the guidelines set by the Department of Energy (DOE) on window energy performance.

When it comes to energy-efficient replacement windows in San Antonio, TX, windows made from the combined material of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer are one of the most prominent. They are resistant to temperature changes and cracking and help prevent rapid heat or cold transfer.

Aside from the design, the installation of windows also affects their energy-efficient capabilities. DOE recommends that homeowners seek the assistance of professionals who can install the windows based on their design and on the architecture of the house.

Home improvement contractors in San Antonio that offer windows installation services, such as Southwest Exteriors, differ in the quality of services. Homeowners are therefore advised to choose the one that has established an outstanding reputation in the industry and offers the best warranties for products and services.

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