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How to Choose the Right Type of Windows in San Antonio

March 18th, 2014 | 2 min. read

How to Choose the Right Type of Windows in San Antonio

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Since spring is here, it’s time to start thinking of some basic remodeling ideas to freshen up your home. For instance, have you thought of how replacing your windows in San Antonio can make such a big difference in your home’s design, appeal, and efficiency? However, making this choice isn’t as easy as it seems, as noted by an article on the Do-it-yourself Network:

Window Basics Types and Styles Image

Types of Windows There are several different types of windows. Traditionally, most windows were side-hinged windows, referred to as casements, and sliding sash windows. New opening mechanisms such as friction and pivot hinges are increasingly popular. Window materials, shapes, and sizes vary considerably, as does terminology, so you should read your manufacturer's literature carefully. Replacement windows for older homes often need to be custom-built to your requirements.
Since there are so many variations, when choosing the right window, it’s important to keep a primary goal in mind. Here are some of the most significant concepts to consider:
Curb appeal and property value

Windows are among the best improvement projects to carry out from a value perspective. Unlike other remodeling jobs, replacement windows in San Antonio are available at a smaller initial investment while still giving a large return. Moreover, they increase a home’s curb appeal substantially and make it more attractive to buyers.

House design

You’ll end up choosing starkly different windows depending on your style preferences. For instance, you’ll want double-hung windows if your home is more traditional, while you’ll probably lean more toward casement windows if you’re aiming for the contemporary look.

Energy efficiency and durability

Some types of panes and frames end up saving you more money and also last longer than other types. 

Though it’s still too chilly to just turn off the heating completely at night because of this exceptionally cold winter, things are getting better and warmer gradually. Soon, the sunny skies that San Antonio is famous for will be upon us again so don’t delay your home improvement projects.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Window basics: learn the types and styles, DIY Network)