"Unique Value Proposition": A single, clear compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying.”  Steve Blank


DuckMy family members are big fans of the show “Duck Dynasty.”  It’s the story of the Robertson family who turned their life of poverty centered around a duck call-making business (Duck Commander) in Louisiana into a multi-million dollar enterprise.


Everyone plays fairly contrived roles.  Dad is the founder of the business and acts as sage over all things hillbilly and life in general.  A stick-in-the-mud brother with a business degree takes dad’s business to the next level.  One brother is a fun loving hillbilly that just wants to have fun.  Another brother and various other relatives are thrown in for reckless fun.


But something else is happening here.  Despite all the country sensibility, endless hunting, and blowing stuff up, these folks possess intentionally traditional family values.  They talk about caring for others, doing things the right way, the weight of the changing culture, and waiting until you are married before having sex. And at the end of every show, they gather around a large table, take stock of what they learned through the experience captured in that show, and thank Jesus for their blessings.


You might think that it’s done merely for ratings, unless you watched the CEO of Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, speak in chapel at his alma mater, Harding University.  There is a deeper mission that comes shining through and clarifies what is so endearing about the Robertson clan.




At Southwest Exteriors, we have a deeper mission as well, and it drives everything we do. We offer:


  • The best products
  • The best installation
  • The best warranty
  • The best overall customer experience

And at the end of the day, we offer something else that transcends all those things by a country mile.  We offer life.  With a desire to truly bless others and glorify God, we attempt to reach through the product/service contracted and offer the only thing of lasting value…a relationship with the One they were created to live in close proximity with.  Not even so much "knowledge of," but "experience with."


Rather than operating under legalistic metrics of conversions made and testaments given, we simply try to love beyond measure and expectation.

  • Are you caring for your clients in a way that unmistakably points to something more?
  • Could you honestly say that “changed lives” is a normal byproduct of the expression of your business?
  • Do you celebrate the magnanimous love and service of clients beyond all other measures?