Industry NewsOn July 15th, 2013, a group of thieves broke into a home on the 7300 block of Clear Water Street and demanded money, jewelry, and drugs. An hour-long SWAT standoff at a nearby home followed. Soon after, ten people were arrested. It was a tense Monday morning for the residents of Northwest Side.

The incident was just one of the many recent instances of criminals forcing their way past the doors of San Antonio homeowners. Last June, a 37-year-old man was shot and killed by three men who attacked his home in the West Side. In January 2012, a Northeast Side homeowner was shot in the chin after a gunfight with two thieves who broke into his house at around 4:40 in the morning. In October of the same year, local authorities reported that a felon behind a 24-hour home invasion spree was on the loose.

As recounted by the San Antonio Express-News, Mike Arington, a resident of Northwest Side who witnessed the recent police standoff, believed that the armed home invasion was unusual because their neighborhood is generally quiet and safe. He thought that it was a reminder for the community “to watch out for each other.” Geneva Chavarria, 75, said that the incident made her fearful for her family's safety. “It's scary, scary. I don't want it to come to my house. That's why I lock everything up at night,” she told reporters.

Unfortunately for Arington, Chavarria, and others who want to keep their loved ones safe, vigilance and the locking of exterior doors do not give enough protection from trespassers and thieves. It is useless to upgrade deadbolt and lockset plates if the doors are basically weak. A single kick on the entryway would be enough for invaders to get into the house and harm its occupants.

To secure door systems, the doors themselves must be strong—made of durable materials that resist weather elements and physical force. Powerful doors, often made of hardwood and steel, are not difficult to acquire in San Antonio, with local home improvement companies like Southwest Exteriors offering many options.

These door systems may be more expensive than ordinary ones, but they provide priceless home security. They also help homeowners save a lot of money because they are made of durable materials and even boast of energy-efficient properties. Most importantly, they are almost impossible to break down, making it difficult for burglars to raid houses.

The incident on Clear Water Street is an eye-opener to the importance of having strong door systems. The armed home invasion and the police standoff that followed shocked the quiet neighborhood and left residents worried about their safety. Securing the exterior doors of San Antonio homes might just spare homeowners all over from trouble, property loss, or worse.