Choosing colors for the exterior of your home doesn’t seem like a tough task, but with all the options for windows, siding, trim, and doors, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention needing to consider other factors like the style of the home, location, and your budget.

Color can greatly affect the curb appeal, value, and personality of your home. Choosing colors for the exterior of your home that do not compliment each other can end up a disaster and leave you disappointed.

When choosing the color scheme for the outside of your home, it’s important to consider the location, style, and surroundings of your home, as well popular color trends. The more you stick with the trends, the easier it will be to eventually sell your home.

Here are some common color schemes that are popular on homes today:

Bold and Deep

Homeowners are trending towards deeper and bolder shades for the exterior of their homes. Colors like deep blues, heavy greens, and rich browns are popular for their earthy look. They tend to blend well in any neighborhood and on many styles of homes, but are especially prominent in the Midwest and in mountain towns. Even though these colors give a nice pop, they still meld with the surroundings because of their neutral, earthy tones.



Bright White

Some might think that white is boring, but solid white is actually a common color scheme choice for homeowners today. White siding and trim creates a classic, clean look that fits well almost anywhere. This trend is often used on traditional homes in the south, but can be spotted nearly anywhere these days. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of small town America, with its white picket fences and white trim, that catches the hearts of Americans. Regardless, bright white is making a comeback.

Contrasting Colors

Homeowners are having more fun these days mixing and matching colors and creating an artistic look for their homes. With the numerous window, siding, trim, and door color options available, many homeowners are choosing contrasting colors to provide a unique look that stands out above the rest. This trend allows for homeowners to be creative but still be able to sell their home when the time comes.


So where do I even start?!

We know that the options and factors to consider can be overwhelming when designing the exterior of your home. One great resource to get you started is James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology color palette where you are able to see more popular color schemes and find the one that’s best for your home’s style.

If you need more assistance, Southwest Exteriors offers free consultations with an experienced Design Consultant who know the trends and what works best on certain homes. It might seem like a simple task to pick out the look of your home, but it’s always good to have the input of a professional so you end up with a look you love.