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Quality Fiber Cement Siding in San Antonio: Bring Back The Old Luster

January 15th, 2014 | 2 min. read

Quality Fiber Cement Siding in San Antonio: Bring Back The Old Luster

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Every city in America will have some structures standing as silent witnesses to the place’s history. Rob Sabo for Old House Web writes:

"Fiber-cement siding was introduced to the building trades in the late 1980s. Prior to fiber-cement siding, asbestos-cement siding was widely used throughout the U.S. and Europe beginning in the 1920s. However, as the health risks associated with the fibrous material became better known, asbestos was eliminated as a building material in the 1970s. Asbestos siding still can be found on many old houses, and special care must be taken when remodeling a home that contains this material. Under no circumstances should contractors remove the material themselves; rather, they should hire a licensed environmental hazard contractor who specializes in asbestos removal."
San Antonio does have its own fair share of historical structures. No trip to the River City will ever be complete without trekking the entire length of the River Walk, going to the Alamo, or visiting the Bexar County Courthouse. Some houses in the area may even be a few decades old. When your house falls under that category and you want additional protection for it from the unforgiving Texan weather, consider calling for help from professionals at siding in San Antonio such as Southwest Exteriors.

Quality Fiber Cement Siding in San Antonio: Bring Back The Old Luster

Sabo states that there are houses with old siding that may contain asbestos such as cement-based siding. However, removing them can only be possible if a proper environmental assessment of the place is carried out. Even then, the old siding cannot be removed for fear of spreading the internal asbestos into the air.

This is where fiber cement siding comes in. Also known as engineered wood siding, the material is a mix of treated wood, sand, cement, and clay. The product comes in 6 or 12-inch models with an entire siding measuring up to 12 feet long. Some home improvement experts vouch for the siding’s potential to pass off as actual wooden siding when painted and be impervious to termite infestation.

Siding contractors in San Antonio, TX like the good people at Southwest Exteriors will often stick with key fiber cement siding brands to ensure the home’s maximum durability against the elements. One name, James Hardie’s HardiePlank® series, stands out because it requires minimum maintenance and carries a 30-year warranty.

Decking out an old house in new siding can work wonders in the long term, looking just as beautiful as when it was first built.

(Article Information and Image from Restoration Guide: Fiber Cement Siding for Exterior Walls, Old House Web)