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Concrete Coating

How Much Does A Concrete Coating Cost With Southwest Exteriors?

February 17th, 2022 | 9 min. read

How Much Does A Concrete Coating Cost With Southwest Exteriors?

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So, you’re thinking about having your concrete surface coated by a professional contractor, and you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost. 

We get it. The cost of your project is probably one of the first things you think of when you start to plan out your concrete coating project. 

Budgeting properly for your project and having realistic expectations for the cost is crucial to choosing the right contractor that will meet your needs and provide you with a successful outcome. 

Before you meet with a contractor, it would be nice to know how much they will cost to determine if they will fit within your budget, right? 

Southwest Exteriors has been an exterior remodeling contractor serving San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1989. We specialize in high-quality, industrial-strength concrete coatings from Penntek Industrial Coatings for nearly any concrete surface, from garage floors to bathrooms and kitchens. 

We know that we are not the least expensive contractor on the market. However, we offer the highest quality concrete coating products and installation to provide you with a concrete coating built to last a lifetime. 

Because there can be such a wide range of costs for a concrete coating project, we want you to be well prepared before deciding to work with us or even schedule a consultation. 

If you are looking for a high-quality, lifelong solution for your concrete coating project, then we might be the right contractor for you. But, if you are looking for the least expensive option available, we are not right for you.




This article will outline how much a concrete coating costs with Southwest Exteriors and what is included in that price. 

After reading, you will have a better idea of what your concrete coating project may cost if you work with us and can have realistic expectations for your project. 


How much does a Penntek concrete coating cost? 

With Southwest Exteriors, we use a two-cost concrete coating from Penntek, consisting of a polyurea base coat, a layer of colored vinyl chips, and a polyaspartic topcoat.  

To define the cost of a Penntek concrete coating, we will break it down into a two and three-car garage and provide the exact square footage. 


How much does a concrete floor coating cost for a two-car garage? 

For a two-car garage floor concrete coating, which equates to 400 ft.2, the starting cost is $4,806. 

This price assumes there is no existing damage to the concrete and includes 6 in. of verticals, no steps, and a standard-colored chip blend. 


How much does a concrete floor coating cost for a three-car garage? 

For a three-car garage floor concrete coating, which equates to 600 ft.2, the starting cost is $7,011. 

This price assumes there is no existing damage to the concrete and includes 6 in. of verticals, no steps, and a standard-colored chip blend. 

It is important to note that these prices do not include any customizations or added alterations to your concrete surface. 


What factors impact the cost of a garage concrete floor coating? 

The parts of a concrete coating, specifically a garage floor coating, consist of many different elements that can greatly affect the overall cost. 

It’s important to outline what areas and inclusions are a part of this presented price to understand what can affect the cost of your unique project. So, we’ll outline those areas here and explain how they influence the cost. 


The current condition of your concrete

The first factor that influences the cost is the condition of the concrete. This will determine how much prep work is needed before the coating can be applied and if any repairs must be made prior to the coating. 

If a concrete surface is damaged, too moist, or too soft, necessary repair and extra steps must be added to the preparation process to get it in shape for a coating. 


What if my concrete is damaged?

Damaged concrete, which could consist of cracks, chips, or pitting, must be repaired and filled with a mender to fill the cracks and pitted areas to create an even surface. 

A man in a bright yellow shirt mending a crack in concrete.

Example of damaged concrete mended and ground.



What if my concrete is too moist?

A moisture test must be taken to test the moisture level of the concrete. If concrete is too moist, a moisture barrier will need to be placed over the concrete before the coating goes down to allow the polyurea base coat to adhere to the surface properly. 

The added moisture barrier will add to the overall cost of the project. 

A hand holding a moisture meter to a concrete floor.

Example of a moisture meter measuring the moisture content of a concrete surface.

What if my concrete is too soft?

A Mohs hardness test must also be performed before starting the concrete coating process. If a concrete surface is too soft, a densifier will need to be applied to the surface before the base coat is applied. 

If a densifier is not applied, the concrete can become damaged under the coating as it will not be strong enough to bond with the coating. Adding a densifier to your concrete coating project will increase the overall cost. 

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The surface area included in the concrete coating

The second factor influencing the overall cost of a concrete coating project is the area of concrete to be coated. 

The prices above were defined for a set amount of square footage for a garage floor as an example. The size of your project and the amount of concrete surface area to be coated will greatly affect the cost. 

For a garage specifically, two added areas of surface can fluctuate the price of your project slightly: the verticals and the apron.


Garage verticals

The verticals refer to the wall of a garage where the concrete continues from the floor up to the wall. Some verticals are taller than others, so if you include the verticals in your project, it will add to the overall square footage. 

Garage apron

The apron of a garage is the area from where the garage door closes to the beginning of the driveway, typically less than one foot wide. 

A garage floor with a black and white industrial concrete coating.

Example of a garage floor apron with a door drop coating.

You can either have the full apron coated or only have the coating go right to the lip or where the coating will go to the garage door when it is closed, called a door drop. 

If you choose to add any apron to your coating project, this will also increase the price slightly. 


Customizations to your concrete coating

The third factor that can influence the cost of your project is any customizations to the coating. Customizations can include creating a custom-colored chip blend or creating a special design on your coating. 

The degree of difficulty of your design will also affect the cost. The more difficult the design, the more it will increase the cost. 




Prepare for your concrete coating project 

Now that you know exactly how much a concrete coating project will cost with Southwest Exteriors, you can be well prepared to start your project. 

If you are interested in having your garage floor coated, the starting cost for a two-car garage or 400 ft.2 is around $4,000. Remember, this cost is influenced by the total square footage of the project area, the condition of the concrete, and added customizations.

Having as much information as you can before meeting with a contractor can help you save time and effort. If you know what type of services a contractor offers and how much they are going to cost, you can determine if they will meet your goals for your project as well as fit with your budget. 

With Southwest Exteriors, we want you to have as much information about our concrete coating services before your consultation. Then, you can better determine if we will be the right fit for you and better understand our pricing before meeting with a design consultant. 

Before meeting with any contractor, knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask are crucial to ensuring your needs will be met with your project. 

This article will outline 10 questions to ask a concrete coating contractor during a consultation, so you know they are qualified to work with you and provide you with a successful project. 


Ready to start your concrete coating project? 

If you’re ready for a high-quality concrete coating that will last in your home, Southwest Exteriors might be the right contractor for you. 

We offer polyurea and polyaspartic industrial concrete coatings from Penntek and can transform your garage floor, outdoor patio, or other space in as little as one day. 

Schedule your free, in-home consultation with a design consultant by filling out this form on our webpage, and a representative will contact you within the same day about your project. 


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