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How To Design The Perfect Replacement Windows: 3 Things To Align

May 19th, 2022 | 8 min. read

How To Design The Perfect Replacement Windows: 3 Things To Align

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If you’re ready to replace your home’s windows, you’re probably experiencing some problems with them. Maybe you’ve noticed drafts forming when you get close to a window, or maybe that fogginess between the window panes won’t disappear. 

Or maybe you’re just ready for an upgrade. You want to change how your windows look and feel.

Designing your new windows can be stressful, whether you’re replacing your windows out of necessity or luxury.

There are almost endless options for colors, shapes, styles, grid patterns, trim options…the list goes on and on for the customizable elements of your replacement windows. 

Even if you know exactly what you want your windows to look like, there are still many things to consider, like:

  • How will the windows look in your home? 
  • Will they fit into your budget?
  • Does the contractor you want to work with offer those design options? 

You see, designing your new replacement windows consists of more than just picking out what colors and styles you want. 

You need to make sure that your new windows look how you want them to and perform how you need them to. 

At Southwest Exteriors, we work with various window manufacturers, like Marvin, ProVia, and Anlin, to bring you as many design options as possible. We’ve been helping San Antonio homeowners design their dream windows since 1989, and we want to help you design your new windows too. 

A part of designing your new windows is knowing what you like and don’t like. Sounds simple enough, right? 

The other part of creating the perfect window for you is making sure you’re looking at your new windows through the right lens. So, not only will your new windows look how you want them to, but the way you design them will also fit your needs for their performance and durability. 

This article will outline three things you need to align to create the perfect replacement window for you. 

After reading, you will better understand how these factors affect the overall design of your window. Then, you’ll be ready to design the perfect window for you and your home and can find the right contractor that will help you get there. 


I’m designing my new windows. What do I need to consider? 

What do you see when you close your eyes and envision your new windows? What do you think about? 

The first, most obvious thing you’d probably say is the physical description of what you want your windows to look like. 

While, yes, what your windows will look like is one of the most important things to consider, it’s not the only thing. You also need to consider how you want your windows to perform and how they will fit into your budget when designing your windows. 

You may be wondering, “Why is that important to the design of my windows?

Well, creating your windows consists of more than just their appearance. 

As you’re designing your dream windows, you must consider and align the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost. Then, you’ll end up with a window that checks off all your boxes. 

Let’s dive deeper into each of these qualities you must align so you can create the perfect replacement window for you. 


1. The aesthetics of the replacement windows

The first part of creating your windows is designing them to your liking. Now, depending on the window type you choose and the contractor you work with, your customization options can range from little to no customization to endless options on all elements of the window. 

So, you’re mostly thinking about what color you want the frame to be, the color and finish of the hardware, what trim style you want, grid and grille patterns, and so much more. 

The design of the actual window is one of the most important elements to consider for your new windows. But, the actual aesthetics of the window must also be considered.  

When we talk about the aesthetics of the window, we don’t just mean what it looks like. 

The total aesthetics of the window pertain to its aura. It’s not just what the window looks like itself, but how does the window fit into your home? 

For example, if you are interested in all white windows because you love the sleekness and simple look they give, but you live in an Earth-toned home, the colors might clash. You may want to consider a beige or tan-colored window frame. 

Or say you live in a home with stone veneer siding and want to add a pop of color to your exterior. While there’s nothing wrong with letting your creativity and personality show, you do want to consider if brightly colored windows will match your natural stone siding. 

Now, we’re not here telling you you can’t or shouldn’t design the window to the exact style and color of your choosing. 

We want you to not only think about what your windows look like on their own but how they will fit into your home.


Window Design Aesthetic Checklist: 

  • What do you want to customize on your windows? 
  • Are these customizations feasible?
  • How elaborate or simple do you want your windows to be? 
  • What color(s) do you want your windows to be? 
  • How will your windows fit into the aesthetic of your home? 


2. The energy efficiency of the replacement windows

Have you thought about how energy efficiency plays into the design of your new windows? 

Designing for energy efficiency has to do with the glass of the windows. Most manufacturers offer many different options for glass types, varying in the number of panes, amount of gas between panes, coatings, and more. 

While not all of these options affect the actual look of the window, it is still a part of its design. 

If you want a window with maximum energy efficiency, you will want to choose a glass with the best Low-E coatings, most gas between panes, and possibly a tinted coating if that is what you are interested in. 

Choosing a tinted coating will affect the appearance of the window. Some typical colored coatings are gray, blue, and green. Each colored coating has its own specific traits for how they affect the energy efficiency of the window. 

So, when designing your replacement windows, you must consider how energy efficient you want them to be and how you want them to perform. 


Window Design Energy Efficiency Checklist

  • How energy efficient do you want the windows to be? 
  • How many UV and infrared rays do you want them to block? 
  • Do you want the windows to block any sunlight? 
  • Do you want colored tints on your windows? 
  • Do you want gridding to block extra light? 
  • Does the window manufacturer offer the energy-efficient customizations you want? 


3. The cost of designing your replacement windows

No matter how simple or elaborate you want to design your windows, the cost is one factor that always lingers in the back of your mind. 

Along with the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your new windows, cost and your budget is the third factor you must align to create a window that will meet your needs in all categories. 

The more you customize your windows, the more expensive they will be. Things like the size and shape of the window, the difficulty of the grid pattern, custom color, or detailed moulding will increase the price of the window. 

This is why considering the cost of the windows and the budget for your project is crucial when designing your windows. If you want to customize every element of your windows and want a more intricate design, it will be more expensive. 

You must have realistic expectations for what you can do with your windows that will fit in your price range. 


Window Design Cost Checklist

  • What customizations are you adding to the windows? 
  • Will your designs fit in your budget? 
  • What is most important to you for the design of your windows? 
  • What are you willing to compromise (if any) to fit your budget for your windows? 


Aligning the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost to create the perfect replacement window 

Now that we’ve delved into why aligning the aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost must align to create the right window for you, you can move forward in designing your perfect window that will meet all your wants, goals, and needs. 

You want your new windows not only to look great but to perform just as well. 

When designing your windows, think about how you want your windows to look and how they will fit into the aesthetics of your home. You must also consider how energy efficient you want the windows to be and whether you want to make any additions to improve efficiency. 

Both of these design factors play into the cost of your new windows. It’s important to have realistic expectations for how much your windows will cost. The more elaborate and customized your windows are, the more they will cost. 

Aligning these three factors will ensure your new windows will meet your needs in looks, efficiency, and cost. 

Another important thing to look at when considering the design of your window is what the window is made of. There are many different types of windows, like vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. 

But, how do you choose the right one for you that will meet your needs aesthetically and perform how you want them to? 

Check out this article that outlines four things to consider to choose the right window replacement material for you, like aesthetics, durability, warranty, and more


Are you ready to design your dream window? 

Southwest Exteriors offers many different types of windows, all varying in material and customizations, to bring you an endless amount of options. 

When you work with us, our goal is to educate you on all your options and help you design your perfect window. We know that this is your project, not ours. 

So, we want to help make your dreams a reality and give you the look you love coming home to. 

Start designing your windows now, and schedule your free, in-home consultation with a design consultant today!