Get Your AC Ready for Warm Weather Image Spring in San Antonio means warm weather. Is your AC system ready to beat the heat? According to the article from, you can do a few things so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill rise along with the temperature:

But now that warmer weather is here, it also means more and more stress on your air conditioning system. Luckily there are a few things you can do (that won’t break the bank) to help you save on your monthly electric bill.

  1. Regulate the thermostat of your AC system so that it doesn’t get overworked.
  2. Be smart while doing chores. You can schedule chores that require the use of heat generating appliances after the sun has gone down so that it doesn’t contribute to the rising room temperature.
  3. Have your AC tuned up. An AC system that doesn’t run smoothly requires more energy to work therefore a more expensive electricity bill.
Another idea is to improve your ventilation system. A proper and efficient ventilation system works hand in hand your AC system in keeping the room temperature, and your electricity bill under control. Note that a proper and efficient ventilation system involves windows that can keep the heat from entering your home. Windows that do not perform well in keeping the cool air indoors and the heat outdoors can waste up to 50 percent of energy used by your AC.

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(Article and Image from “Get Your AC Ready for Warm Weather”; April 2, 2014)