Though storm doors exist to  protect your home from storms, they’re not all function over form. In fact, storm doors can actually up your curb appeal when selected carefully, improving not only the safety and security of your house, but also its physical aesthetic and in some cases, raise property value.

ProVia Doors Offer Form and Function

At Southwest Exteriors, we believe ProVia doors do just that. Strong, sturdy and energy-efficient, ProVia doors come in all shapes, styles and designs. And while buying a ProVia automatically helps you improve the safety and efficiency of your property, there are so many other options that can ensure you boost its visual appeal as well.

With ProVia storm doors, you can:

  • Add deluxe handles, locks, levers and hardware – Go traditional with silver, gold or chrome, or opt for something more dramatic, like a brass or black handle.
  • Choose from several color palettes and hues – From bright, eye-catching tones to more traditional tones, ProVia doors come in all colors of the rainbow. You can even color-match your door to existing fixtures on your property.
  • Bring more light into your space with premium, designer glass options – Get beveled glass or even choose one of ProVia’s many artistic glass inserts and designs.
  • Include retractable screens for easy access and increase comfort – Easily pull up and down your screen as needed, depending on the weather and season.
Remember, your storm door is a part of your home’s entryway, and it’s often the first impression a guest (or a future buyer) will have of your property. Make sure you invest in storm doors that aren’t just functional, but beautiful, too. The choice will pay off in the long run!

Storm Doors with an ROI

Want a storm door that does more than just protect you from the elements? We can help. Our wide array of ProVia doors can boost your safety and your curb appeal all at the same time. Contact us today to get started.