Texas might not have the most blisteringly cold winters in the country, but we certainly get our fair share of cold fronts. And believe it or not, that’s when a lot of Lone Star State homeowners start running up their electric bills. Sure, part of it is because we crank up the heat to balance out the chilly air, but a lot of it is something we never think about: our windows.

Over time, windows start to lose their effectiveness. They get looser in their fittings, and they don’t keep air in – or out – as well as they used to. Ultimately? That means more money spent on energy costs (and a colder house to boot!)

How Energy Efficient Window Replacement Can Help

If your windows aren’t holding that warm air in, the problem is two-fold. For one, there’s likely some of that cold outdoor air getting in your home, making it more uncomfortable and even chillier than it was before.

Second, it’s making you crank up that heat even higher just break even. In the end, that means substantially higher electric bills and more energy usage on the whole. If you’re hoping to be eco-friendly, that’s certainly not the way to do it.

Energy efficient window replacement can help with both issues, making your home more comfortable, more affordable and easier on the environment simultaneously. And the best part? Its benefits aren’t just for the winter. If your new, efficient windows keep your warm air in better, they also keep the A/C in better in the summer, too. That equals lower electric bills year-round – no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Are You Ready for the Next Cold Front?

How old are your windows? If they’re more than a few years old, they’re likely not doing their job as well as they should anymore – and the proof will be in your energy bills. Want to get ready for the next cold front? Then contact Southwest Exteriors about an energy efficient window replacement now.