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Vistamark Window Warranty: Inclusions, exclusions, filing a claim

August 9th, 2021 | 6 min. read

Vistamark Window Warranty: Inclusions, exclusions, filing a claim

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After noticing water seeping around one of your living room windows, you notice the caulk is peeling up. This has allowed water to get inside your home and into the window frame. 

You know this can’t be a good sign, and it’s probably time for a complete window replacement. When you think about it, these windows do look like they need an upgrade. 

On the flip side, maybe you just had your windows replaced a few years ago and are experiencing the same thing. You wonder and want to know, is this covered under the warranty? Will I have to pay for new windows again? 

Because a window replacement can be costly, you want to know you’re choosing a window that is made to last. You also want to know that if seal failure, glass breakage, or any other problems  happen to your new windows, the manufacturer will back it up with a great warranty. 

Whether you’re shopping for replacement windows or already have Vistamark windows, it’s important to understand what is included in the warranty. 

Southwest Exteriors has been a local window contractor for over 30 years. We install Vistamark windows because of their high-quality energy efficiency and build. Vistamark windows are made in Texas for Texas homes, so they are made to withstand constant weather changes.

While the warranty a contractor offers is important to know, you must be familiar with what is included in the warranty of your new windows, especially if they are on the higher end of the price range. 

This article will outline what Vistamark's window warranty includes, doesn’t include and will teach you how to file a claim if you need to. 

After reading, you will know whether the warranty covers seal failure, fogginess, or other damages. This way, you can know when to file a claim and what type of coverage you will receive. 

What is included in Vistamark’s window warranty? 

Vistamark offers a limited lifetime warranty for the homeowner. This states that, under regular use, all components of the window will be free from manufacturing defects for the product’s lifetime. This includes the insulated glass and mechanical hardware. 

All this really means is that if your window stops working properly or becomes damaged, a manufacturing defect must be the cause for it to be covered under the warranty. 

This warranty is transferable one time. After a warranty transfer, the warranty period is shortened to 10 years, starting from the product manufacturing date. If the warranty is transferred more than once, any other subsequent owners will not have warranty coverage. 

If your window stops working correctly due to a manufacturing defect, Vistamark will provide a new replacement part. You must provide a receipt of the product, such as a contract with the installation details or payment confirmation, or validation from Vistamark that the product was defective. 

The cost of installation and labor is not included in this warranty. Choosing a quality contractor that will back up their installation is essential for you to know that your windows were installed properly and effectively.

If they are not installed properly, a quality contractor should cover their installation under their warranty, meaning if they installed the window incorrectly, they will fix it for no extra charge. 

Knowing what is included in your window warranty is only the first element to understand your coverage if something goes wrong.

What is not included in Vistamark’s window warranty? 

When you hear “lifetime warranty,” your first thought might be to assume Vistamark will replace your window as long as you live, no matter what, right? Wrong. 

Exclusions in a window warranty typically include neglect, weather damages, and regular use. Below we will outline the specific exclusions in Vistamark’s window warranty.

Insulated glass breakage

Any breakage or damage to insulated glass from an improper application, alteration, modification, misuse, or stress from foundation settlement is not covered. If the window is transported 4,000 ft. above sea level without proper care, this is also not covered. 

Minor blemishes that do not impair vision, marks on film, condensation outside the glass, or color variations in glass or coatings for energy purposes are also not covered. 

Improper installation, application of products, or alterations

Improper installation is always an exclusion in window warranties. This is why finding a high-quality contractor certified in installing Vistamark windows is important to ensure the warranty.

For example, if a window were installed upside down, out of square of the frame, or with the wrong type of caulk, and something goes wrong with them, that would not be covered under the warranty. While these installation processes may seem standard, some contractors will make these mistakes which would void your Vistamark warranty. 

Damages caused by improper application of product and alterations or modifications are also not warranted. This also includes improper use of the products, such as damage caused if you left your window open for too long and it then will not close.. 

Installation of products outside of the U.S. is not covered under warranty.


Any damages or defects that occur from failure to properly maintain your windows are not covered under warranty. This includes using harsh or harmful chemicals not meant for cleaning the product, such as acetone, acid, petroleum products, or abrasive products.

Damages that occur from neglect or abuse in the handling or storage of products are also not covered.

Natural causes and accidents

Damages that occur from accidents, vandalism, fire, floods, or other Acts of God are not covered. 

Acts of God are any natural phenomena uncontrollable by any human being, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. 

Damage from exposure to excessive heat or cold as well as from foundational shifting is also not covered. 


Damaged screens are not covered under warranty.

Slight fading or color variations caused by normal wear and tear are also not covered. 

Knowing the exclusions of your Vistamark warranty is important to understand what constitutes a replacement or repair. You want to know what exact symptoms are covered under the warranty if you need to file a claim. 

How would I file a claim for Vistamark windows? 

If you notice any damages that manufacturing defects may cause, then you can file a claim with your warranty. 

To file a claim, you must send an official notice to a Vistamark unit in Texas. In this claim, you must include a description for the claim, the date of installation, name and contact information of the contractor/installer, proof that the claim is coming from an original purchaser, and the name, address, and phone number of the original purchaser. 

Vistamark will then either provide a replacement part or credit for the damage. Labor and installation are not included, and Vistamark has the right to ask for the damaged part to be sent along with the claim. 

Choosing a quality contractor helps you maintain your investment

Because installation is one of the largest variables that could void your window warranty, you want to make sure you choose a quality contractor that will back the warranty with a high-quality installation. 

If your windows are not installed properly, then Vistamark will not cover any damages or issues that occur with your windows. This means that you will either have to pay to have them repaired or replaced again.

With Southwest Exteriors, we handle all warranty claims for you. Your Vistamark windows are backed by our lifetime warranty, which means we will handle the cost of installation and labor for your life in your home. 

If you think you need to file a claim on your Vistamark windows that we installed, simply contact us, and we will handle the rest for you. 

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